"Calculate + Industry", CCF Branch Technology Forum, have unveiled CNC2021

From December 16th to 18th, CNCC2021 will be held as scheduled. In order to let CNCC’s influence benefits, this year’s announcement has increased its investment in live broadcast, except 18 wonderful invited reports, 3 Outside the conference forum, there is also a selection of technical forums for 12 channels per day. The Yuan universe, artificial intelligence, quantum calculation, calculation art and other popular technical forums are in the live list, plus digital library authorized reports, All-round participating experience, all-round professional acquisition, all-weather flexible switching, let online full professional gold!

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In addition to the experience of the wonderful online, this CNCC will also show four distinct highlights compared to previous years.Industrialization, corporateization, internationalization, member governance.Among themIndustry"It is a new feature worth looking forward to this year.

The early stage of CCF is mainly focused on the service of the service, and later expanded from academic development to the industry, calling into an enterprise, this year’s CCF focuses on "Calculate + industry", That is, the industry. CCF has set up some branch, such asComputational art, calculation, digital agriculture, smart carWait, you will see that these bodies will have a technical forum for specific industries in this CNCC. For example, Alibaba Group will undertake "on this CNCCCalculate + Industry Digital Development Summit", This summit will be held in this CNCC. Computing technology and industry combining, doing a strong digital economy, cultivating the new movement of economic development has become a consensus, the summit will invite education, manufacturing, finance, etc. Academician, experts Scholars, technology big coffee together to explore the experience and practice of digital transformation and upgrading.

If you are interested in the topic of "computing + industry", I believe that CNCC2021 brings more professional cognition to open a broader professional pattern. Let’s take the technical forum, let’s take it!

[Computational Art] Technical Forum, Aggregate art and science and technology circles, from the brain nerve mechanism, calculate intelligence, deep learning algorithms and even information philosophy, sitting, thinking, thinking of eight poles, exploring the mystery of calculating art, looking forward to the future of art creation.

Guests of this forum: Director of Music Arts Intelligence, Central Conservatory, CCF Calculation Art Branch DirectorLi Xiaobing; Executive Vice President of the Artificial Intelligence Research Institute of Tsinghua University, foreign academician of the European Academy of SciencesSun MassanAcademician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Director of Electronic and Information Science, Xi’an Jiaotong University, ProfessorToyohongDirector of the Brain and Intelligent Laboratory of Tsinghua University, Professor of Biomedical EngineeringWang Xiaosheng; Dean, Professor, Experimental Academy of Central Academy of Fine ArtsQiu Zhijie; Microsoft Asian Research InstituteTan Xu.

[Computational Law Seminar and Computational Law Industry Branch Established Conference] ForumThe theme will be positioned in "Calculating Law and Digital Rights Management: Data, Algorithm and Decision Intelligence", will focus on the application of information technology in the law, calculating the development trend of law, legal information, data transaction, etc. Calculate + "problem.

Guests of this forum: Senior Professor, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Dean of China Law and Social Research InstituteQi Wei Dong; CCF, president, academician of the Chinese Academy of SciencesMeihongCCF executive director, professor of Computer Science and Technology, Fudan UniversityWang XiaoyangDean, Professor Tsinghua University LawShen SatelliteDean, Professor, School of Law, Sichuan UniversityLeft guard; Secretary of the Party Committee, Professor, Tsinghua University Computer Department, Deputy Secretary-General of the China Artificial Intelligence SocietyLiu Yuqun;Dean, Professor Hunan University LawZhejiang University Guanghua Law School is a special professor, professor of the Logic and Cognitive Institute of Sun Yat-sen UniversityXiong Minghui; Associate Association of Intercourse of the Supreme Court of Intelligence Court, Shanghai Jiaotong University Kaiyuan LawYang LiDirector of the Executive Base of the Judicial Data Research Base of Southeast University, ProfessorWang Lu ShengDirector of Al Ethics and Legal Research CenterLu Changjun.

[Current Situation and Challenge of Smart Medical Development] Technical ForumThe authoritative experts in the field of artificial intelligence and medical sector explore the status quo, future and landing of smart medical care from different perspectives.

Guests of this forum: Professor, Deputy Director and Smart Medical Research Institute of Harbin Institute of Technology邬 forward; Professor, School of Computer, Northwestern University of Technology, Vice PresidentXia Yong; School of Lecture, Professor, Hong Kong University (Shenzhen), Academician, Royal Royal Academy of Sciences, CanadaZhang DapengResearcher, Research Institute, Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Professor of Graduate School of Chinese Academy of SciencesTian JieDepartment of PLA General Hospital (301 Hospital) Director of the Department of Hepatobiliary Control, Director of the School of Hepatobiliary SurgeryLiu RongTeaching Professor, China University of Science and Technology and the Executive Dean of the School of Biomedical EngineeringZhou ShaohuaDepartment of Computer Science and Technology / Artificial Intelligence, Nanjing University of Aeronautics University, Vice PresidentZhang DaoqiangBaidu smart medical scientistIn the quarter.

[Ai era car network technology and safety] Technology ForumInviting academic and industry experts to explore the technology and safety of the AI ??era, including the safety, data security, network security, user privacy protection of the network, etc..

Guests of this forum: CCF Outstanding Member, Standing Committee of the Internet Special Committee, Standing Committee of the Network and Communications Committee, Professor of Wuhan UniversityWu Ling BingTeaching Professor, Chongqing University ComputerLiu KaiProfessor, National University of Defense Science and TechnologySu Jinshu; Director of the CCF Executive Director, Network and Data Communications Professional Committee, Director of Intelligent and Computational Department of CCF Tianjin UniversityLi Keqiu; CCF, outstanding member, Professor Hunan UniversityLikenliTeaching, Xi’an University of Electronic Science and TechnologyLi XinghuaTencent Yunding Lab Data Security DirectorJi Lixi.

CNCC2021 is currently in ongoing online participation –

PSpecial report,3Field Assembly Forum, Yuan Universe, Quantum Calculation, Virtual Reality, Calculation Art, Game Ai, Artificial Intelligence, etc.12The selection of technical forums of a channel will open online live broadcast, and will switch on demand, and the full-time authorization report will look back at any time.

CNCC2021 will be held in Shenzhen on December 16-18This year’s conference theme is ""Calculate Evolution Accelerated Digital Transformation".Cncc is the annual event in the field, the industry, the education world, and the macro exploration of the technological development trend. The guests on the annual invited report gathered academician, the map spirit award winner, domestic and foreign famous schools, famous enterprises In various fields of influential industry experts, the luxurious guest lineup highlights the level of CNCC and the industry’s influence.

This year’s special guests include the ACM Tu Ling PrizeJohn HopcroftProfessor andBarbara LiskovProfessor, University of Computer Science and Space Research Institute, South California UniversityYolanda Gilprofessor,Chen Weijiang, Feng Deguo, Guo Guangcan, Sun Yihui, Wang HuiminMany academicians, and experts in the many deep industries. This year’s technical forums up to 113, regardless of quantity, quality or coverage, has created the most historical, will bring academic, technology, industries, education, science, etc. of the participants. The CNCC2021 has organized a digital transition summit, CTO Summit and other industrial, industrial and combined forums. During the conference, the "Member Night" large-scale theme event will be held, so that CNCC has become an important platform for CCF membership annual reunion.

Online participation

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  • CNCC2021 is firm! After a month, let us Shenzhen "will"!
  • CNCC2021 invited Professor Yolanda Gil from Artificial Intelligence Experts to do an invited report

Using flight mode, can your phone really charge faster?

Expert tips

Flight mode can really charge more quickly

Whether it is faster than your mobile phone health status and mobile phone brand, etc.

Flight mode is useful to many things, there are many people think that the phone can be charged faster in flight mode. Can it make your mobile phone faster?

Smartphone charging is something that everyone may be confused. Although newer mobile phone models promises higher battery capacity and fast charging, everyone still wants to know how to charge mobile phones faster. You may have also heard of the most common fast charging rumors: switching to flight mode to make your phone charge faster.

What is the role in flight mode?

Smartphones are like a computer. Just because the screen is turned off and you don’t use it to play music, it doesn’t mean it does not power consumption. One of the background processes that consume your phone battery is to search for radio and Wi-Fi signals.

Open flight mode disables all wireless signals. Your phone is no longer received, nor free.

But it helps to charge faster?

Yes. The less energy consumes, the faster the charging speed is. But this is assumed that a large amount of energy flows to radio and wireless signals, and it is not always the case.

A study on the power consumption of various components on Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy BEAM found that Wi-Fi and GPS consume 18.1% and 13.7% of the equipment battery, respectively. On the other hand, the flight mode consumes only 1.1%.

Differences ultimately depend on the quality and use of the battery and the brand and model of the smartphone.

Faster charging is always an advantage, especially in the case of your time. However, although we agree that the flight mode can make your mobile phone faster, you save the time depends mainly on your phone.

In addition, you also need you to evaluate it, see the impact on your work, you can determine if the faster charging is worth no call, message, email or notice.

Distribution Network How to play? Category 5 cable and CAT6 crystal head crystal head manufacturing method


A, RJ45 and RJ11 crystal head

1, RJ45 crystal head

We usually refer to refer to the network crystal head RJ45 crystal head, it is a kind of 8-pin connector, is mainly used in Ethernet, "RJ" jack represents the registration, "45" represents the interface standard number. RJ45 crystal head is typically terminated in an Ethernet line connected to various network devices, such as computers, routers and switches.

2, RJ11 crystal head

That four-core telephone cable crystal head RJ11 crystal head is, it is very similar and RJ45 crystal head, but only four pins, which is developed by the Western Electric a connector used to connect a telephone and modem. Note that, RJ11 generally refers to a six positions (6 pin) modular jack or plug, but only four pins are used, in addition, RJ11 pin 4 is also used in a modular version of the connector.

3, RJ45 and RJ11 crystal head is different from the crystal head

Different structures

RJ45 crystal head is eight grooves and eight contact (8P8C) linker, and RJ11 crystal head typically only six recesses and four contacts (6P4C), therefore, RJ45 crystal head RJ11 crystal size than big head. RJ11 crystal head can usually be inserted into the RJ45 interface, not vice versa, but it is strongly recommended not to RJ11 crystal head for the RJ45 interface.

Line sequence different standards

Due to the different configurations RJ45 and RJ11 crystal head crystal head, which is the wiring line sequence criteria are different. RJ11 crystal head generally only six recesses and four contacts (6p4c), and which is fixed line sequence.

Line sequence, there are two criteria crystal head RJ45 wiring: T-568A and T-568B. By using different criteria, and finally made into a cable with a straight-through and cross two. Now all the cable production are used in a 568B, line order as follows:

Orange and white orange green white blue blue green brown white brown

Second, the difference between the super class 5 class 6 with crystal head crystal head

Learn 5e crystal head crystal head difference between six categories, the difference between Category 5 and Category 6 cable we first look at the super.

Over five / five core diameter: 0.511, cross section: 19.625mm2

Six core diameter: 0.574, cross section: 30.1754mm2

Six copper core cable should be thicker than copper conductor UTP cable. Because the difference between the two copper core, resulting in the interior of the crystal head there are differences in the hole, into the line-like aperture sizes, 1.02mm over five, six positive 1.08mm.

1, 5e crystal head

5e crystal head front face, it can be seen lined up core 8

5 superclass crystal head side, has two toothed crimp contacts

2, six crystal head

About six six crystal head crystal head unlike the conventional UTP crystal head, which consists of two parts: the interior of the branching and the housing.

Two-piece (crystal head and the sub-line module)

Type crystal head front face 6, 8 alternately arranged cores

Class 6 crystal head cores of three teeth the point of contact

3, six crystal head wiring method

Because of the characteristics of the first six lines of the crystal, so there are differences wiring, a plurality of sub-line module (the plug).

Category 6 specific wiring RJ steps:

Eight staggered vertical cores arranged six lines, cable larger holes, the upper portion of the front three bifurcated contact, the core wire after crimp into the large contact area, commonly used in the gigabit network, backward compatible with one hundred Katherine network.

Third, how to make the network module?


Network patch panels, cable, stripping knife, a single pair of wire cutter 110, tie.


1. The network cable into the stripping edge, the length of the reserved 40MM.

2. Turn the stripping scissors to open the skin.

3. The cable according to the international conventional standard T568B line sequence clips snap into play.

T568B line sequence shown below, are denoted generally in the patch panel, attention and play type B crystal head is not the same, not to confuse.

4. knife wire mesh wire crimp and cut well.

The completed wire FIG.

6. Press as good sequential pressing another network cable.

7. The cable tie with a bracket fixed to the bobbins.

8. cut off the excess strap,

The final results as shown


Gartner prediction: Top strategic technology trend in 2022

Source |


Market research institutions Gartner predicts, generated AI, distributed enterprises and cloud primary platforms are the top strategic technology trends in 2022.

David Groombridge, Vice President of Gartner Study: "With the executive efforts of all enterprises to seek growth through direct technical links with customers, the CEO must find the appropriate IT power to achieve business growth and innovation, and create scalable , Has a flexible technical foundation, its scalability will invest in cash for digital investment, "

"These topics constitute three topics in this year: project trust, shaping change and acceleration growth."

According to Gartner data, the main strategic technology trend in 2022 is:

Generated artificial intelligence

Gartner said that one of the most obvious and most powerful artificial intelligence technologies entering the market is the generated artificial intelligence – machine learning method, understanding content or object from the data, and uses it to generate a new, complete original, realistic Artificial products.

Generated artificial intelligence can be used for a series of activities, such as creating software code, promoting drug development and targeted marketing, but may also be used for fraud, fraud, political false information, forgery, etc. By 2025, Gartner expects generation AI to account for 10% of all data generated, and today is less than 1%.

Distributed enterprise

With the rise of remote and mixed working modes, traditional organizations are evolving into distributed companies consisting of geographically dispersed employees.

"This requires CIO to conduct significant technology and service changes to provide no frictionless work experience, but this coin has another side: the impact on business model," Groombridge said. "For each organization, from retail to education, their delivery model must be reconfigured to accept distributed services."

Gartner expects that by 2023, 75% of the organization that uses distributed corporate interests will achieve more than 25% of the competitors’ revenue growth.

Yunjing Livestation Platform (CNP)

Gartner said that you want to provide digital features anytime, anywhere, and companies must get rid of familiar "lifting and transfer" migration and turn to CNP. CNP uses cloud computing core capabilities to provide scalable and elastic IT-related capabilities "service" for technology creators using Internet technology to achieve value and reduce costs faster.

Therefore, Gartner predicts that by 2025, the cloud primary platform will become the foundation of more than 95% of the new digital programs, and this proportion of 2021 is less than 40%.

Seriously! "Hot Search Cap" Wang Yuanzhuo invites you to participate in the CNCC "Calculation World" Forum

As we all know, CNCC is an annual event for the calculation of professionals. This year, this year, the number of forums is the most popular, involving 32 hot fields such as Yuan universe, artificial intelligence, quantum computing, game Ai, calculation art, etc.. However, in these technical forums, there is a feature for "non-professional" people, or even children can come to listen, this is the CNC2021 Science Forum[Conduct the future calculation world]It is also a special forum that this CNCC is only to teen and mass groups.

The organizers of this forum are also very "special" because he is also one of the 18 special reporters of CNCC2021. He is the CCF computer science popularization work committee (Science) Director, Director, Outstanding Member, Researcher of the Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Wang Yuanzhuo, Dean of China University of Technology Research Institute.

He insists on making fun sciences, making complex scientific knowledge more easily accepted by people.

He insisted on doing temperature scientific communication, continued to contribute to the scientific spread of my country.

He insisted on doing deep scientific communication and vigorously promoting my country’s science and film and television integration.

"Hot Search Cop Cop" Wang Yuanzhuo

December 2019, "Code Like · 2019 science China" active site published the "2019 Top Ten Science Communication People," Wang Yuanzhuo among them. Wang Yuanzhuo, big data and artificial intelligence known young scientists. In addition to "Doctor", "researcher" "dean" These official title, he was a resounding trending science large coffee. In 2019, he was picked as the daughter painted pieces of "wandering the Earth" science-painted boarded microblogging hot search, known as the "hard-core scientist Daddy." "My big data research paper, took seven years, it has been downloaded 70,000 times, this is very rare in the scientific community. But the pieces of hand-painted, just a few days to get the more than one million read amount, "Wang Yuanzhuo later said it to his great touch:." I deeply feel we do recognize science of scientists "

Wang Yuanzhuo (third from left) Research and Technology Forum guests at the CNCC

"Scientists" Wang Yuanzhuo

Over the years, Wang Yuanzhuo arduous research in his spare time actively involved in science communication work of the whole of society. Only hand-painted "wandering the Earth" science by drawing people’s attention billions of dollars, online publishing original science articles, science videos and hand-painted, causing millions of levels and the amount of reading online discussions, hand-painted and published popular science books, popular science enthusiasts have in them high popularity. Online, Wang Yuanzhuo over the years insist on participating in open classes and lectures and other science communication activities. He participated as a scientific advisor to the creation of more than science fiction movies, variety shows has participated in technology assessment, as a scientist, with a voice of authority and strict point of view, to provide a positive, fun for the audience of scientific knowledge.

2021CCF Youth Assembly elite ideological aspects of the show, Wang Yuanzhuo made a "sci-fi movies artificial intelligence" on the topic, with the Chinese computer industry participants youth exchange with agitation, with its sincere feelings and thorough thinking, inspire young people to life, career and future thinking and pursuit.

"CCF Outstanding Member" Wang Yuanzhuo

Wang Yuanzhuo CCF is a Distinguished Fellow and director, in his view, not only to the members of CCF provides the opportunity to show their, it is possible to create endless possibilities of a platform. He served as CCF Standing Committee of Experts on big data, the current CCF computer science popularization Working Committee (science) director. CCF Popular Science Committee (science) in the six months after the establishment in June 2020, initiated and organized a series of science activities and science products, to create science-oriented creator groups "Stars Plan" to promote computer science-related short video creation "CCF science video contest" on CNCC2020 organized cross-border "Science film and TV Plays Forum", and start the preparation of CCF popular science book series. This year launched two "CCF recommended reading popular science books" list, published in the planning and "calculated Trilogy" series of popular science books. In 2020, CCF has been selected as China Association "National Popular Science Society annual work units outstanding."

On CNCC2021 upcoming December 16-18 organized, initiated by Wang Yuanzhuo and organizations[World] insight into the future of computing science forumCNCC is one important forum for young people and is the only public community forum features. Computer science areas invite guests, trends related to young people and the public areas of computer science and technology and for related discussion. And to popularize, young, interesting interactive / show presented calculation results, aimed at the audience and professional boundaries to break the boundaries of computer and information technology, so that students understand computer science, so that "outsiders" fell in love with computer science, let the "cold" do science "hot" spread.

And it will bring exciting Wang YuanzhuoInvited, The report entitled[Science fiction movie AI]He will analyze the relationship between science fiction and science exciting to introduce the classic sci-fi film "Short Circuit," "Minority Report," "wandering the Earth," "Iron Man," "Avatar" and the role and contribution to the development of science, combined with "science fiction movie" focuses on relevant knowledge and trends of artificial intelligence.

To CNCC, let the well-known large coffee science to the future of science and passion for you to wake up, to help you release the creative wisdom, creativity as you plug in the wings of it!

CNCC2021 ongoing online registration online –

PInvited field,3Field Assembly forum, meta universe, quantum computing, virtual reality, the calculation of art, game AI, artificial intelligence, not less than30Field Top Technology Forum will be opened online live, will be in demand-based switching, after the meetingOverallAuthorized report at any time look back.

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CNCC2021 will be held in Shenzhen on December 16-18, This year’s conference theme is "Enabling computing to accelerate the digital transformation".CNCC is an annual event in the field of computing academia, industry, and education, macroeconomic discuss technology trends. Invited report annually seat guests brought together academicians, Turing Award winner, elite scholars, famous enterprises leader each field’s most influential industry experts, luxurious guest lineup highlights the top industry CNCC standards and industry influence.

This year’s special guests include ACM Turing Award winnerJohn HopcroftProfessor andBarbara LiskovProfessor, Department of Computer Science, University of Southern California and the Institute for Space ResearchYolanda Gilprofessor,Chen Weijiang, FENG Deng, Guo Guangcan, Sun Ninghui, HuaiminAnd many other academicians, and many deep influence in the industry experts. This year’s Forum as many as 113, in terms of quantity, quality and coverage, have created the most in history, it will bring aspects of academic, technical, industry, education, science and other all-round experience of participants. The CNCC2021 organized a digital transformation summit, CTO Summit and other industry forums and Production. Will be the first held during the conference "Members Night" theme activities, let CNCC has become an important platform for members of CCF annual reunion.

Online conference registration

Hundreds of millions of financing! Wuzhong District Enterprise has frequent capital favors!

Rendong Medical B Round Finance

Business simple intelligent angel round financing

Recent time

Wuzhong Enterprises once again harvested a wave

Capital favors

Accelerate precision treatment integration


Wu Zhongjing District Enterprise

Suzhou Rendong Biomed Medical Group Co., Ltd.

AnnounceComplete 100 millionB-round financing

This round of financing by government fund

Industrial companies and old shareholders participate

As China’s leading genetic testing overall solution supplier, Rendong medicine focuses vertical tumors, helps clinical decision, this round of financing will be mainly used for the introduction of new products of diagnosis and treatment, accelerate the development of the kit of early screening, accompanying diagnosis Product development registration, etc., further accelerate the integrated layout of cancerous cultivation of urinary tumors, breast cancer, digestive tract tumors. At the same time, accelerate the integration of industrial companies, further consolidate the product system and improve the company’s business line layout.

# 东 科学

Established in December 2015, Rendong Medicine is China’s leading genetic testing overall solution supplier, and is also a market leader in urinary tumor gene detection. In 2017, he took the lead in launching a thousand tumors in China, and launched China’s first tumor accurate immunotherapy and evaluation efficacy CTDNA gene detection products.

July 2020

Rendong Medicine won the investment of Wuzhong Biomedical Special Fund,Officially set up headquarters in Wuzhong Biomedical Industry ParkThe total investment has reached 270 million yuan.

August 2020

Rendong Medicine and Development Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Huiji (Beijing) Medical Technology Co., Ltd. signs a strategic cooperation framework agreement,Three-party teamed up to create a patient-centered, integrated tumor precision treatment platform.

So far, the company’s products are coveredEarly screen early diagnosis, genetic, prognosis, precise drug treatment, and efficacy dynamic monitoringWaiting for the diagnosis and treatment of the diagnosis and treatment of prostate – prostate cancer precision diagnosis and treatment product, Excellent-urinary tract epithelial cancer precision diagnosis and treatment gene detection products, kidney-renal cancer precision diagnosis and treatment gene detection products have become subdivided Well-known brands, and other companies have related products and research and development layouts in lung cancer, breast cancer, colorectal cancer, head-necked squamous cell carcinoma and other tumors.


Rendong Medical Suzhou New Headquarters Construction has started

Suzhou Diagnostic Reagent Factory and Medical Inspection

It is ready to use

Focus on the development of bio-pharmaceutical industry

Start"Wu Chinese Medicine"Characteristic brand

Wuzhong has initially formed a good industrial ecology

Wuzhong Economic and Technological Development Zone is tight around"ProduceStrongDistrict, innovation leads "Development strategy, anchoring to create a "four high-level", advance to the "first square" target, and build biomedicine as one of the leading industries, build the eastern biomedical acceleration base, central biomedical industrialization base, western medicine inspection and testing base The development pattern, in 2021, the Biomedical Industrial Park will be selected.

Frequency harvest capital favors

Wuzhong Biomedical Industry is striving to speed up running

In the field of industrial software

Wuzhong Enterprises also received the attention of the capital market

Recently, Microsoft Innovation Embochemical and Ecological Acceleration Plan – Suzhou Yunxin Zhilian Industrial Collaborative Innovation Center settled in the enterprise, artificial intelligent production management platform"Business Jane Intelligence" announced completing thousands of RMB angel round financing.

This round of financing is exclusively investing by linear capital, and Yuanyi Capital is an exclusive financial adviser. Commerce intelligence will continue to increase research and development investment, continuously promote solutions, and accelerate team expansion.


Digitally transformed in the whole industry

Under domestic alternative

Business simple intelligence as a family

Artificial intelligent driven startup

Have huge opportunities and powerful strength

It is expected to becomeInvisible champion on domestic industrial software track

# 州 商 智能 科技 有 有限公 公司

Business simple intelligence as aArtificial Intelligent Decision CompanyRelying on the world’s leading operations optimization algorithm and deep learning decision model, it is committed to providing manufacturing enterprises to provide industrial intelligence decision solutions based on data drivers, artificial intelligence and operations algorithms, helping intelligent manufacturing enterprises simplify management processes, enhance decision efficiency, Reduce production expenses.

Business simple intelligence independently developed"Intelligent Planning and Schedule System" (SPS System)Using deep learning optimization and GPU parallel computation, the decision-making capacity is constantly enhanced, which can greatly improve the production indicators to achieve minute-level production.

Multi-objective optimization modules driven by data can simultaneously take into account various efficiency, delivery, and cost indicators to achieve customized indicator priority; interactive KPI can implement parameter heavy load, production time division, KPI comparison, capacity monitoring Multiple functions and automatically generate reports.

"New Infrastructure" environment

Industrial software, industrial Internet is under construction

Wuzhong District also will new generation information technology

As a leading industry, vigorously develop

Business simple intelligenceMicrosoft Innovation Energy and Ecological Acceleration Plan – Suzhou Yunxin Zhilian Industry Collaborative Innovation CenterRelying on the government’s carrier, policy and industrial resources, play Microsoft’s brands, technology and ecological advantages, and the innovation center is committed to promoting science and technology innovation entrepreneurship and empowering local intelligent manufacturing enterprises digital transformation.

Innovation Center officially launched, accumulative docking visit110Confirm cooperation intention project45

, Project covers artificial intelligence, big data, industrial Internet, intelligent manufacturing, etc.

12Home, among the commentary4

Home, it is rapidly forming an industrial digital supplier aggregation base to lay a solid foundation for the next step in forming digital industrialization.

More and more Wuzhong Enterprise

Innovative ability and development momentum performance

Harvest large amount, finance

The tentacles of capital are also more in-depth in Wuzhong District.

Wu Zhongzheng is increasingly become a piece

Industrial development hot earth

Wuzhong released

Huawei, Haier and China Mobile announced a breakthrough 5G deployment in manufacturing fields

Under the participation of Huawei and China Mobile, China Haier’s smart plant produces household appliances and small electronic products introduced artificial intelligence technology and 5G.

According to Huawei, using artificial intelligence and 5G robot manufacturing work in February

The latest generation network provides high data transfer rates – up to 20 Gbps – low delay is extremely low, as low as one millisecond. These features enable 5G to provide immediate edge computing and cloud computing experiences. However, Huawei representative said that the network is still in the development stage, and 5G prospects are broad.

High connection speed allows the artificial intelligence system to perform computer visual operations, transfer information to adjacent devices, and exchange data with servers within the production area.

The accuracy of the new quality control system based on machine vision technology exceeds 99% – this is 10% more than 10% technology that does not use artificial intelligence.

In addition, compared with human work, the robot test shows a few times.

In addition, Huawei, Haier and China Mobile implemented artificially intelligent security systems in production, not only can video surveillance, but also an annealable, monitoring safety violations, identify employees and external personnel in an emergency.

Artificial intelligence-assisted smart plants can also organize workflows and distribute the flow of employees and parts to achieve the most efficient production.

So far, 7 of the 20 factories in Haier have adopted these technologies in 20 factories in China. However, these companies intend to expand high-tech industrial networks and have to enter foreign markets on one day.

In the future, the company is planning to implement a virtual production facility based on the principle-based principles, which will simulate a variety of scenes before the various scenes become a reality.

In addition, Huawei, Haier and China Mobile are developing automated warehouses to increase efficiency and speed of product delivery.

CCTV News Network, what is the GSWE digital training factory on the People’s Daily?

It is the most dazzling "star" at the 2021 Zhishui, with CCTV News Network, logging over the People’s Daily, is the focus of many media shots.

It isWide Area Ming Island GSWE (Geega Smart Works Education) Digital Training FactoryUsing the trade-edge technology such as industrial vision, artificial intelligence, 5G, block chains, providing technical verification environments, and demonstrates the research and development of industrial Internet key technologies to the outside world.

GSWE Digital Training Factory has reconstructed island-style production, multi-category mixed operation, high-alusive flexible manufacturing industry leadership, demonstration interpretation of mixing production of various products, and can also be used as industrial Internet New carriers cultivated by the integrated talent training.

GSWE Digital Training Factory achieves intelligent flexible manufacturing by flexible supply chain association, high-grade flexible scheduling capacity, intelligent warehousing logistics management capabilities, production implementation management capabilities, and achieve intelligent flexible manufacturing; through quality management capabilities, dual carbon energy management capabilities and product full life cycle Management ability, guarantee the quality of product quality, green production process. Technically, the GSWE digital training factory has the following industry leadership:

Reconstructive island production

Breaking the concept of traditional production line, innovative "Island Production + AGV" form Structure.

Multiplicate mixing

Maximum use of production resources with a small amount of mixed rollout in a variety of varieties, which is reduced.

Gaogun’s flexible manufacturing

Realize the production of multi-product common lines, based on the same production environment, can produce different products in the grades. At the same time, based on the pulling management of the supply chain, the customer’s personalized customization needs are met.

Supply chain network synergy

By order driving production and supply, pull the supply chain rapidly respond to multi-category personalized orders, simulate discrete manufacturing process, equipment management, quality management, etc., ensure the production response speed, delivery on time.

New technology application

Convergence 5G, virtual simulation, big data, AI, block chain, identification resolution, etc., let new theory actual verification.

GSWE Digital Training Factory extracts the current frontier technology in the factory, so that colleges can fully launch research and explore, activate knowledge theory, assist research innovation in virtual verification environments, and conduct training for students and social vocational skills personnel . GSWE Digital Training Factory has the following highlights:

Knowledge map

Dissolving the device via digital simulation, combined algorithm forms a knowledge map, and forms a solution in advance of possible failures in the future.

Predictive maintenance

Depending on the real-time operation of the device predicts the life of the device, sudden failure, future worn wear, etc., and associates knowledge maps, and maintains the possible fault points in advance when the device is idle.

artificial intelligence

The AGV composite robot has achieved agility mobile in complex environments by laser, millimeter wave radar, and the robot can plan the path, flexible to avoid obstacles, safe, efficient, and synergistic operations in the same environment.

Edge calculation

The edge gateway uploads the computer-related data related data to the integrated operation in real time, and the top-level decision will be issued down, and the system is set by the distributed deployment, enhance the overall operation efficiency of the system, and drive agile decisions.

Industrial vision algorithm

GSWE equipment captured accuracy required to reach ± ??0.05mm, using industrial vision algorithms to guide the robot to make matching action according to different products, make up for errors, and achieve precision positioning.

Through the observation, identification, and judgment of the industrial vision system, it gives an adaptive adjustment of robot visual sensing capabilities, realizing the action of robot positioning, measurement, grab, and detection.


Using 5G technology to increase data transmission efficiency, shorten network delays, realize real-time control of field devices, and improve the overall operating efficiency of the plant.

Digital twins

Offline simulation technology of digital twins can realize online verification and process commissioning of production lines, shorten the debug cycle of the actual hardware environment, and reduce the cost of test error.

At the same time, digital twins can real-time equipment operation status and action to implement remote monitoring and operation and maintenance of the equipment.

Block chain

Encrypt the product production process data in real time through the block chain technology to ensure the safety and controllable of the overall production process data.

The world’s unique identification ID is given to each product by identifying the resolution technology, and the full life cycle traceability of the product is realized. From the manufactured equipment information, material information, processing quality information, energy consumption information to maintenance information, feature data in the production process is encrypted and the true trusted manufacturing is achieved with its own identification ID.

Big data algorithm

GSWE has applied large data algorithms to improve overall intelligence levels, including flexible scheduling, quality score, storage class management and other core algorithms.

Students and Social Vocational Skills learn these frontier technologies through the GSWE Digital Training Factory, they can accurately touch the following application scenarios in the industrial Internet, and realize high quality matching of talent employment.

Double carbon management

Designing a double carbon management system, providing a reference basis for researching carbon emissions, energy consumption calculations, real-time knowledge of carbon emissions, optimization, and energy saving and emission reduction of products in real time.

quality control

Through the real-time analysis of the quality of the product processing, quality score is obtained in real time. Through the quality management system, the whole process quality control is realized, that is, from the quality, production quality, process quality to the full-scale non-dead angle of the test quality, the quality closed loop is completed, and ultimately high quality production is manufactured.

Intelligent warehousing

Change the original planned stock, no need to set a fixed material placement type, the smart storage system flexibly uses the vacant location, the system discriminates the material storage position, solves the problem of insufficient inventory space, and achieve limited space unlimited.

Personalization customization

Split production, re-establish production systems and processes, innovate island-style production models, and reduce research costs.

Through the GSWE digital training factory, the Geega Geely Internet platform has established a set of integrated teaching system, certification system, achievement transformation, four major sections of the internship, and constructing "platform support – technical verification – scene training" The educational mechanism, promoting the chain, the talent chain and the industrial chain, and innovative chains. With practical training, practiced talents, continued hematopoietics for the national industrial Internet.

Ai + Wisdom Video Rise, Storage Innovation Drive City Future

For a smarter world

With the application of emerging technology such as artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, 5G network, smart city construction has become an important topic of modern urban development. As the entrance to the interaction of smart city information, the smart video system also shows a new trend of intelligent, ultra HD and multiple interactions. In recent years, we truly feel: Data storage is an important driving force for industrial intelligence in the smart video industry. Wisdom video from a perceived single to multi-diversity, from interactive single point to synergy, from pure information entrance to interactive interaction with AI calculation terminal … system complicated, derived the reliability and performance of storage systems New challenges for expansion capabilities.

Rise of demand, smart video faces a double challenge

The arrival of all things, letting information interaction more diverse, face recognition, behavioral identification, license plate identification, target classification and other artificial intelligence algorithms are rapidly developed.

As the city video system continues to move towards "smart video", after integration of smart video products and new technologies, there is a new form and application, and it also brings two significant data challenges: massive data and unstructured characteristics.

1 This trend is improving the cost of smart video storage solutions and bringing huge pressure on data management.

2. The massive data in the smart video system is non-structured data, messy, need further information labeling, and analyzes to ensure data value mining. This also means that data storage capacity and calculation processing performance are improved; while data storage depth combination is required to meet the special business applications of mass data management.

Define future ai wisdom video

After analyzing the new characteristics of smart video and user demand, we clearly go to the three-point core needs to perceive the next generation of storage hard drives: First, we must adapt massive data storage and calling performance; There is a larger capacity to support data storage needs; the third is to control costs and promote AI Pu Wei.

In order to meet the three significant demands of users, Western Data Company has launchedWD PURPLE? Series, Build a userFrom the terminal, edge end to the cloudA complete storage system,From the edge to the coreSet up a complete smart video storage solution for our customers to implement storage full coverage. Meet the smart video acquisition from video data collection, to all link artificial intelligence workloads, and the higher requirements of data storage during system depth learning and analysis functions, not only exceeding the record itself, more definition and empower future Ai wisdom video .

?? ? ?, build a modern smart city

We know that architecture innovation and product iteration is only the cornerstone of the industry breakthrough in storage technology barriers, integrated technology resources, promoting application innovation, in order to make smart video products quickly land and gain modern smart cities.

Western Data As a leader in the global data infrastructure, it is not only committed to promoting the development of data storage architecture, but also actively cooperates with many partners in the industrial chain, integrating innovation, and continuously promoting smart video rapid development and landing. In the future, the western data will continue to work with excellent partners, technological innovation and application innovation, and promote the depth innovation of the smart video industry with high-quality storage product portfolio, jointly engupping the construction of smart cities.

TiCwatch GTA Intelligent Sports Watch Evaluation


Hello, everyone, I am Mi Bao Dad, thanking Xinshuozi, gratifying the evaluation opportunity for this TiCwatch GTA smart watch, everyone knows the watch is a tool usually used in our daily lives and work, in fact, when it is not a watch Too many attention, the function of the watch is basically the time, the classic Shanghai card and the seagull watch is the most impressive, the quality is good, and it is precise. Later, when I went to the movie "Disc Spi" series, I was worn by Tom Cruiso G-Shock and Tissot, T-Touch Expert Solar circle powder, movie protagonist with cool watches and glasses, executive secret mission, home travel , Enemy nest, kill the opponent, nothing. With the development of technology, especially in recent years, smart watches also entered our lives, while the watch of the bearing time and jewelry attributes also differentiates to two major camps of traditional watches and smart watches (or bracelets can also be counted). The traditional watch, especially the prostitute, such as Rolex, in addition to watching time, I think more is the symbol of identity and wealth. And smart watches is more focused on sports records, health monitoring, interact with other smart equipment such as mobile reminders, NFC card, music, etc. Huawei, Xiaomi, etc. are well known to the public, some of the main sports, some is the stylish, some of the main business. Today, the protagonist products we have to introduce are the leaders in our domestic intelligent wear field – "I will ask new entry-level intelligent sports watches: TiCwatch GTA. This evaluation is provided by Sina public test.

Complete evaluation can be dotted

[About the door to ask]

I was going to ask for the artificial intelligence technology company established by Google, the United States, which was established from returning to China. It is a consumer product with artificial intelligence core technology, to create the next generation of human-computer interactive experience, with TiCwatch smart watch, TicPods headphones And other intelligent wear and surrounding products. The TiCwatch also has TiCwatch GTX Series / TiCwatch GTH series, as well as high-end products TiCwatch Pro range products.

[Detail of appearance]

The watch size is 44.3mm * 47.1mm * 10.4mm, using classic disc dial design, ultra-thin metal fuselage, weight (body + wristband), just less than 45 grams, is my now wear Half of a mechanical watch. It is very comfortable after wearing, and the breathable is also good, as a sports watch, it does not pull.

The wrist strap is TPU material, there is a tow-catching slot in the middle, so there is no feeling of gasuling.

The wristband buckle is a black oil pressure, and it is convenient to wear.

Thanks to the increase of the push-pull switch, we have changed the link to other gadgets, which is very convenient.

The position of the head is designed as a red waist, so that the overall watch is more beautiful, the details are in place.

TiCwatch GTA screen, the 1.3-inch full color view mesh screen, the resolution reached 360 * 360 pixels, showing very delicate, replacing custom background, still showing excellent performance.

The back contains multi-channel PPG biosensor and body temperature sensors, which can acquire heart rate, blood oxygen, breathing rate, and body temperature 24 hours.

Replace hundreds of dial topics with the APP to synchronize to the watch, on the watch, you can switch the topic by long press the screen, ie the fast replacement dial function.

In terms of display, it has five brightness adjustments in the settings, the brightest is 5, the default is energy-saving display, where the outdoor brightness is relatively high, can be set to increase brightness, outdoor display is still clear, but inevitable will bring more Electrical consumption.

Take a few beautiful pictures!

[Boot adaptation]

After the watch is pressed on the upper right, there will be a QR code, you need to download the app (App Store search) from the mobile phone side, then register, after logging in, click Add Device, then scan the QR code on the watch Soon, you can complete the link. After the link is successful, the system will automatically synchronize the date and time.

[Health Monitor]

Human middle-aged, I want to tell you, is health, because only have health as a foundation, can go to work to achieve dreams, create value, to protect our love, people who love us, and healthy diet, The regular work and the right amount of exercise are also a magic weapon that keeps us healthy and far from the disease. Body temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen saturation is also several important indicators we monitor physical health. We used to monitor all kinds of medical equipment such as blood pressure gauges, thermometer, and oxidation, and now body temperature monitoring, blood Oxygen saturation detection, heart rate detection, and respiratory rate These important indicators are integrated on this smart watch. All-day detection data and exception reminders are directly synchronized to smartphones, and automatic test can be completed every 10 minutes. Temperature, formation of body temperature changes. With the advanced PPG biological tracking optical sensor, the recognition accuracy of the index of blood oxygen saturation, heart rate and other indicators is higher, let yourself know your physical health. For female users, there is also a fake record reminder, more intimate.

[Sleep Monitoring]

The watch automatically collects sleep information and uploads to the phone when connecting to the phone, and the user can view sleep quality information on the mobile phone.

[Mobile phone interaction]

In terms of mobile interaction, the basic caller reminder, message notification, music control and other functions are essential.


In terms of battery life, there is a large-capacity battery of 380mAh. It is simply playing the same level of the watch without any enemy. According to official statistics, it can reach the last 14 days of battery life, and thoroughly bid farewell to endurance anxiety, and everyday use can reach 10 days.

[APP experience]

1) View complete and historical health data;

2) Download more personalized dials and customize your custom dial;

3) Set the switch and alarm of health test;

4) Set the switch of the smart reminder;

5) Set the bright screen time, such as 5S, 10S, 15S;

6) Watch restore factory settings and firmware upgrades;

7) Use similar to the public number to receive information push;

8) View your personal health weekly and monthly report.

[Use crowd]

1. The price of the students, the official guide price is less than 600, especially the people, young people play;

2, general working class, cheap, and various sports;

3, the elderly, all day to test the physical condition, very helpful, especially for some chronic diseases, is usually reflected in the blood oxygen, heart rate, and several indicators;

4, female users, lightweight functions, can also record cycles.

【In conclusion】

Through a few days of wearing trial, as an entry-level smart watch, personal feelings are overdue, and the price is very high. First, the advantages:

1, over 10 days, life, bid farewell to endurance;

2, support more than 20 sports scenes, fully release sports days, and have 5AM waterproof, there is no need to pick up when swimming, the basic motion parameters are there, but if it is a higher user, you can try it’s big brother TiCwatch PRO;

3, sleep quality, blood oxygen, body temperature, heart rate and breathing rate multi-indicator health continuous test, use data to know yourself;

4, 1.3 inches HD dazzling dial, showing excellent, and can switch the dial of various topics at will, there is always a suitable for you;

5, only 40 minutes, wearing light comfort.


1, magnetic charging is relatively loose;

2, the attributes of the motion mode need to be improved, such as climbing altitude, skipping, number per minute;

3, the strap can be more diverse;

4, the watch bright screen time If the settings are set in the watch, they can only set in the mobile app now.

However, this price can buy such a Nice smart watch, it is very cost-effective, what do you think, welcome to messages interaction.